Shocking (Repost)

DSC07564 (2)

Shocking, launched in 1937 by Schiaparelli is a sweet, spicy olfactory treat with notes of rose, jasmine honey and tarragon.  Wearing it is like wrapping a warm vintage sweater around you on a chilly day…

DSC07569 (2)Last night I wore Shocking by Schiaparelli to the emergency room…  It was perfect actually because it’s such a light, gentle but warm scent (not particularly shocking ? Although maybe, “shocking”) that I doubt it bothered anyone around me in the slightest and it was nice to wear.

My son needed to be seen for a high fever and, of course, it was late and nothing else was open…  Poor little guy.  He’s doing a bit better today.

This post is being put up later in the day than usual because I’ve been a bit distracted.  And, I am now too, which is why it’s short.

Thankfully we have a few days off this week and that will be enormously helpful…   Until Wednesday, have a nice beginning of your week.  Stay warm.  🙂

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