April Showers (Repost)

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April Showers by Cheramy is a surprisingly luxurious geranium and lavender fougère (Cheramy 1921).  It reminds me of an old Chanel with its thick aldehydes, florals, and clear headed green notes.  It’s cheerful and and attractive.  The retro notes are slightly herbal (like No. 4711) and a little sultry – it would make a tremendous aftershave.  In the drydown it seems particularly unisex (even a bit masculine) and quite warm and pleasant.

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In its time, Cheramy, April Showers was very popular.  Cheramy even made April Showers bath salts.  I might try to keep my eyes open for those other products.  I really like this scent…

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This month I’ll be writing about a vintage book entitled, A Pocket Book of Great Operas, by Henry W. Simon and Abraham Veinus.  My husband and I will be attending a performance of Bizet’s, Carmen in early May and I thought it would make sense to do a bit of research about Carmen to refresh my memory. And, I’ve always wanted to read this book so this seemed like a good moment to do so.

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So far, I’ve just read the chapter about Carmen and I found it helpful for a general overview (what this book is intended to be used as anyhow).  However, I now have a ton of questions related to Carmen that I feel a need to answer.   Sadly my time is running short to write more in this post (as always) so I’ll explain more next week…

Until Friday.  🙂

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