Northern Gardening

I took over five years of French in school growing up and then some in college. And, I’d love to say that I really speak French and read French but I don’t think I do. Hopefully someday I’ll be better at it. I haven’t given up hope entirely.

My husband speaks French quite well. When he studied abroad in Europe for a year he even had a French girlfriend and they exchanged letters in French for years. When I don’t know what something is supposed to sound like I often ask him.

Orangers En Fleurs. I love my Orangers En Fleurs… But what is it supposed to sound like? He wasn’t sure either…

I feel like the r and s at the end of Orangers should be silent as is the s at the end of Fleurs. However, I can’t be sure. *rolling eyes* It’s such a beautiful language but I don’t know it well enough…

This weekend we’re gardening. The tulips are blooming, a few things need rearranging and we’re cleaning the beds. But I wish we could grow orange blossoms here… For now I’ll just wear my Orangers En Fleurs. It’s smells lovely whether I can pronounce it or not. Ha!

Orange Blossoms (via Google Images)

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