Perfumes as People

Aerin Lauder

Yesterday I was looking through a mailer from Saks when I happened across a paper sample for Aerin Rose De Grasse (I swear those are serviceable.). But I’m sure you’ve heard of the Aerin line by now? It’s Aerin as in Aerin Lauder. She’s a descendent of the great Estée Lauder.

Anyway, in her line of fragrances there’s a perfume called Rose De Grasse. It’s a favorite among a certain set of well coiffed, well heeled women in their 40’s and 50’s. The type of ladies who have truly professional Instagram pages where they post perfectly lit photos of opulent pink peonies in blue and white porcelain vases. Peonies that they’ve just cut from their extensive gardens. The sort who wear pairs of Tory Burch sandals in rotation with the same fervent insouciance that American Millennials wore Old Navy flip flops during their teen years. Palm Beach ladies.

However, I was hoping for a different type of rose. Maybe something closer to the rose note in the Aerin line of moisturizers and etc. But no. It’s…not an English rose at all in Rose De Grasse. It’s American? French? Hmm… Again, at least a little Palm Beach.

The rose of Rose De Grasse is beautifully pampered and polished. Yet it’s also fruity. And very sexy too actually, but only in the most opaque, sweet tea and white marble flooring kind of way. Sort of country clubber, “Oh darn! I left my favorite nail file in our silver Caddy and I hate this valet. *sigh* I guess I’ll just have to finish this Kir Royal with a chipped nail.” *sigh*

I find those ladies fascinating. And we might run into each other in a Lilly Pulitzer but I’m not quite one of their tribe (and never have been or will be).

No… I do have a few samples from Floris in the mail though? Hopefully they’ll arrive soon. Maybe I’ll find something new to admire then. I recently tried Gabrielle Intense (Is that the right name? *rolling eyes* Whatever.) and Platinum Egoiste as they were the complimentary samples from Chanel with a recent order. *shrug* I liked the original Gabrielle. And I’m not actually one to wear so-called “men’s scents” so, for me, it’s not worth reviewing them more. We’ll see what happens with Floris.

Yesterday I did also watch “Niagara” though. And along with her glossy fuchsia lipstick I imagine Marilyn as Mrs. Rose Loomis wearing her Floris Rose Geranium on set. Very pretty. Very determined. And in “Niagara” also very dangerous. I suspect nowadays the actual Marilyn would also wear Frederic Malle, Annick Goutal or maybe even Aerin Lauder. Or perhaps it’s impossible to separate “Marilyn” from Rose Geranium and Chanel No. 5 Eau de Cologne.

I’m curious to smell Floris.

Marilyn Monroe as Rose Loomis

(Images via Google Images)

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