Rose Geranium

I received my samples of Maison Francis Kurkdjian Oud extrait, Baccarat Rouge 540 extrait, Grand Soir and Lubin Upper Ten For Her (and another one for him). I still have to consider 540… I just can’t figure out if I like it enough for a full bottle or not. It reminds me of in 2005 or so when Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue was very popular and still relatively new. Whenever I smelled it on one of my closest friends at that time I always thought it smelled amazing but I knew it wasn’t for me…

MFK Grand Soir and Oud are definitely not for me. I read so many adoring reviews of Grand Soir but to be honest, with my chemistry it’s very clean, light and yet ordinary smelling. Perhaps if I’d tried it when it was first debuted I’d have felt very differently? Too bad. It’s like baby powder in the drydown. Nice enough though.

Oud smells awful. Like the scent wafting from a Biffy after an outdoor Fourth of July celebration. Terrible. I respect and admire those who wear it with elegance. I am unfortunately and undoubtedly not someone who can. Oh well. *frown*

Lubin is lovely. I love it. Upper Ten For Her is opulent but removed. So extremely pretty. Except my son said, “You smell like a candle.” when I wore it. And he didn’t mean it pejoratively but objectively and honestly. As much as I like candles I don’t necessarily want to smell like one. So, perhaps that’s a no?

*sigh* 540 and Upper Ten For Her may not be for me but then again… I’m going to try them one last time in the fall.

Until then I’m enjoying Floris Rose Geranium a lot. It’s wonderful! Marilyn knew olfactory beauty. It pairs gorgeously with No. 5 eau de cologne. Brilliant Norma Jeane.

And I purchased a vintage 70’s Chanel No. 19 eau de toilette spray that I’ll use. A lot.

More later.

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