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*frown* There was a delay in shipping so I’m still waiting for my perfume samples. *smiles*

I was on Instagram today and saw posts by those who love old films. …You know, people in the past did dress so darn well. I look at some of the ordinary outfits they wore back then and I find it depressing to consider how sloppy we all look by comparison nowadays. Have for decades. I mean sure, there’s been bright spots in fashion since 1963 but…I think things have generally been less chic overall since then. Maybe the 60’s were the last truly chic years… Like I said, there have obviously been bright moments since then.

Thing is, I feel like I struggle to find a way to blend my love of good tailoring and elegant lines with what’s “cool”. I always have.

When the other teens in the school orchestra (I play a viola) had a pool party at the home of a young man I almost dated (wish I had as I think it would have been healthy for both of us in different ways) I wore olive green capris and a 3/4 sleeve pea green sweater-set. That was in the early 2000’s. …I did receive attention from young men that night, but I also felt very awkward.

My outfit did nicely highlight my curves but…I also looked…too clothed. I can’t think of a better way to describe it. It’s not that I should have been less modest but more that I looked…almost frumpy? Matronly? But basically, while another young woman wore a cherry patterned bikini (capturing a lot of attention when we actually were in the pool of course even though it was actually somewhat modest) and one of my closest friends at the time wore flip-flops and glitter polish on her toes I looked much too serious. …Humorously so upon reflection. And again, it wasn’t a problem of too much modesty.

I used to think I just needed to spend more money. While I was growing up I often wanted clothes that cost just a bit too much and after trying them on in dressing rooms I’d sometimes think, “I’d be so much more stylish if I just had a bigger budget.” But, nope. After all these years I’ve realized that was never my problem… I would have just had slightly more expensive clothes that created almost the exact same look.

I love long flowing hair… I think that’s an improvement in regard to everyone’s acceptable “in-style” options. I think it’s lovely that it’s so much more common to have long hair (and not long and in an updo to clarify) as an adult now than it was before the mid 60’s. It’s pretty.

But really, whether it’s a sweater set from Casual Corner or a $1,000. cashmere sweater set…it’s still a sweater-set. A sweater-set being made in the current age. And I think they really did often make every little thing a little bit better in the past. Usually. Not always. …It all fit better mostly though, I think… You might look nice enough now, but…tailoring is so important and it’s not paid quite enough attention these days. Not how it was… I don’t think anyway. Perfectly structured undergarments are necessary too and we rarely wear anything close to that now… *sigh* It’s all more free and flowing in general but that freedom all also changes lines in the clothing worn over it for the worse if one isn’t careful. …Also, I don’t look bad in my sweater sets…but that’s not my best look and never has been.

I’m almost petite. I’m too tall to be petite (I’m almost 5 ft. 7 inches) but my bone structure is pretty petite. At my slimmest I was a size 00. I was very skinny then, but I also am naturally smaller boned. I’ve had jewelers comment on that in particular but also friends over the years. So, as one male friend put it in college, “You need to wear things that are tighter. You get lost in all that fabric and people can’t see you.” Ha! It’s true though… Certain shapes do overwhelm me. You wouldn’t think a sweater-set would as they tend to sit close, but they weirdly do… ?

Actually, at my slimmest (and now) I look nicest in 1920’s silhouettes. I would love to be shaped in such a way that a Boho maxi dress and Tory Burch flats would look chic, but instead…I look…lost. Very lost in fabric.


So anyway, here’s the thing: even though it’s overwhelming and scary (for deeper reasons than some might think) over the next year I’m going to sort through my clothes and figure out what I really wear well (not just like) and what makes me look like I’m drowning in fabric. The thing is: life is short. I need to enjoy what I wear as I have a choice and I need to not take that for granted. It’s such a seemingly simple thing to consider but it’s always turned into a Rubiks Cube (I do well with actual Rubik’s Cubes though FYI) for me… And this time I’m going to conquer it.

I’ll post more when I get those samples but I’ll also post more about this..

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