Fantastic! I Love Luckyscent.

My husband bought me a bottle of Carthusia Mediterraneo. And with that came samples of Lubin and four other lovely samples. I’ll quickly review the individual samples today and review Lubin tomorrow.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Á La Rose: A gorgeous rose. My goodness… Some roses are proper and pretty. Elegant sure, but…demure. Á La Rose is relaxed and almost too opulent to be truly elegant. Never tacky though. Just too chic and sexy and free with beautiful emotion and energy to be restrained enough for the word elegant to apply.

It’s a rose in a sunny, fresh shower/shampoo after a swim, youthful, bubbly West Coast way. This is a cool rose but only under an umbrella, sipping a chilled beverage in arid heat. A rose in perfect air-conditioning with a hot, desert sun outside. It’s sexy but chill. Very, very pretty. Not my style, but actually while I genuinely appreciate MFK and yet struggle to fully personally enjoy most of his creations this one is different in that, I think, it’s so brilliant it simply begs to be loved. Again, it’s not one I’ll add a full bottle of to my collection, but it’s lovely. It’s like something Jennifer Aniston would genuinely wear at her absolute best.

Xerjoff, Casamorati Lira: Wow. What sad, tragic secrets haunt this beauty? The caramel, licorice, vanille and cinnamon have so much to tell us. It’s a beautiful but somber occasion and Lira is crying. But her tears are so cathartic. And she’s a natural beauty. This is not my style but it’s a real olfactory masterpiece.

Parfums de Marly, Delina: If Regina George had a signature fragrance as an adult it would be Delina. It’s like many of the popstar designer luxury fragrances but rendered as an adult, sophisticated delight. The original Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb comes to mind. But if Flowerbomb is The Limited circa 1997 Delina is today’s Valentino Couture. It’s pink and fruity and luxurious and very attractive. It’s a bit like Flowerbomb but after she graduated from UPenn and landed her first lucrative tech job. She’s going on dates. Breaking hearts… She’s still “got it” only now she knows a bit better. I find it very pretty but not for me while I love the thought of smelling Delina on someone else.

Xerjoff, Casamorati Dolce Amalfi: Amalfi is the perfect name for this one. The notes on Fragrantica are listed as: Top notes of apple, saffron, quince and cardamom. Middle notes: cloves, incense and tolu balsam. Base notes: vanilla, tonka bean, cedar, musk and amber. I smell almost all of those notes. And it’s very…herbal? Although, I’m pretty sure it’s the saffron I smell most. And it’s very reminiscent of Italy. Maybe a rich man in his 50’s wearing an opulent and exquisite gold watch with a fantastic tan would wear this before driving off in a grand, perfectly maintained sports car. He smokes cigars and knows almost too much about everything. By looking at him you might wonder if Ari Onassis was his idol. Not my style, but I appreciate it.

We’ll see about Lubin.

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