So much for writing about all of the Lubins at once. It’s impossible to wear all the Lubins at the same time and figure each one out. They’re all different. But I’m very at peace today and not everything has to go perfectly if at least a something is improving. Akkad was a nice addition today.

I love styrax. Styrax mixed with amber, cardamom, frankincense, patchouli and vanilla along other golden and earthy notes is sublime. I like Akkad. I’m not sure if I like it enough for a full bottle but I certainly like it. It’s a Lubin at its best.

Into the drydown it even reminds me a bit of vintage Shalimar. But its beauty feels more ancient in the most grand and epic way. Like miraculously well preserved art in a museum. If Shalimar is Art Deco glamour, Akkad is Mesopotamia. A glorious beauty from very long ago. An old soul actually in the present more accurately. It debuted in 2012.

As I write this lighting is literally racing across the sky. Seems fitting.

Again, I’m not sure I’ll buy a full bottle but Akkad just proves that Lubin makes masterpiece perfume compositions with accompanying poignant stories.

It’s not a loud epic on my skin though. Amazingly subtle actually… But in assertive whispers it does make itself known.

I like it… I can’t say it reminds me of anyone other than maybe a young Yul Brenner. But I like it.

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