Grisette and Itasca

When I first tried Itasca I decided it reminded me a lot of an early 1990’s fragrance in its style. Like something Prince would have worn. Masculine and opulent. Woody. Although, also somewhat…lacking in originality. Prince would have worn it to be polite and not to make a statement. Grissette was nice. Rosy. Nice. Basically they both seemed…nice.

But then the drydown started and I learned the true character of these two beauties. Itasca is still not entirely fantastic but it does improve with time. Grisette is tangy, elegant and sort of tinged with what must be the olfactory version of umami. It’s lovely.

That being said, these are not my full bottles. …Although I might change my mind about Grisette.



…Also, since I’ve noticed an increase in the number of people seemingly passively trying to be insulting in the last few days I’d like to take a moment to remind people who are feeling angsty after reading my blog that they should read all of my words before trying to insult me. And do recall that I ignored and was kind to hateful people everyday for years before I snapped and decided I needed to put my foot down. I was kind and patient for a long time.

I’m tired of people who are angry for reasons they aren’t honest about making up reasons to be mean and angry that seem legitimate to cover for the real reasons. Reasons I don’t know myself. Probably because sharing them would require a humility and vulnerability these folks aren’t willing to use.

I’ve said it many times: Please stop reading this blog if it makes you angry. Please also know that at this point I don’t take almost any you who are hateful particularly seriously. Sorry. There were a few people who I probably clashed with for unfortunate reasons that are not entirely mysterious to me but almost none of you are those people. And many of you seem triggered and angry and I can try to guess why based on how you attack me but… *shrug* I don’t really know. You’re just being personally insulting in silly ways that only make you look insecure and desperate to me. You never really explain why. And I just can’t take you seriously anymore. I wonder sometimes if you even know what you’re really angry about and attacking me for. Because you are triggered when I write about social class? That’s often what it looks like you’re angry about based on your attacks, believe it or not. I’m sorry. The thing is I’m not mean but honest. You’re being triggered by realities most people don’t discuss. That was my whole premise when I originally wrote what I did about that subject years ago. When you then choose to attack me personally it just reinforces all the reasons why I wrote what I did to begin with. Namely that you’re a self absorbed person who just wants to be superior to all people in some way. And given how immature and shallow that would be it’s just a part of why I don’t take most of you seriously anymore. Sorry. Self worth doesn’t come from being better than everyone somehow.

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