Chanel Bel Respiro eau de toilette

Chanel is my favorite house. After buying Chanel No. 22 eau de toilette and 28 La Pausa eau de toilette in 2014 and totally falling in love with the house (I had edp and edt of Coco Mlle. before that though) I knew I had to collect all the Les Exclusifs de Chanel in this size (except for Jersey) and in the eau de toilette. That being said I waited too long and eventually had to buy a few of them from eBay. This bottle of Bel Respiro was purchased sealed (and unused of course) from eBay in 2017 or so.

Hmm… Inspired by Coco Chanel’s country house outside Paris Bel Respiro is…earthy.

I love the note of galbanum, which is quite dominant in Bel Respiro. I like green fragrances in general. Green chypres, green florals, a good fougere. I love them. …The opening of Bel Respiro is particularly green, I think.

But…into the drydown this Jacques Polge Les Exclusifs (I adore the work of Jacques Polge) becomes…beautiful but heavy. Almost resinous? It’s a sweet, hay-like, leathery, herbal fragrance.

One of my cousins lives on an island off the West Coast in an area where rosemary grows into opulent, sturdy and lush bushes. One of the times I visited her I recall walking around outside past such a rosemary bush growing next to a historic Victorian home and feeling somewhat overwhelmed by the aroma despite how refreshing and lovely rosemary can be. But since it is an island on the sea the fragrance was light enough not to yet reach a certain level of suffocation. The temperate air reined in the scent of rosemary enough to be tolerable. …Bel Respiro is a rosemary that’s…resinous and sweet and almost too heavy to be honest. It reminds me of some Floris fragrances that I respect but could never wear as they are too herbal for my taste or skin chemistry. At its worst it’s honey-laced old-fashioned camphor salve done in Chanel colors. But…it’s still Chanel and Jacques Polge and a Les Exclusifs and it does lighten further into the drydown than at the start of the drydown… *shrug*

I’ll keep it.

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