Chanel 1957 eau de parfum

I purchased this from Chanel last spring. I was very excited to add it to my collection.

When I wear this fragrance I think of two things: my Great Aunt Kathleen and last summer… Kathleen was an extremely stylish woman who owned her own dress shop, later was a very successful buyer for Neiman Marcus (why I associate her with 1957) and was an advisor on matters of haute couture for the local stores that specialized in selling stylish clothes to stylish people. When I last saw her I was at my tiniest, tan and newly married. It was at an outdoor family wedding next the bride’s parent’s (my cousins) lake shore place next to their beach on a sunny day in either late August or early September. She sat at a one of the tables on the terrace and as I approached her I could tell she was making a thorough but polite assessment of my attire. I wore a perfectly tailored teal dress, colorful high heels and a vintage alligator handbag. Lipgloss. An updo. Kathleen approved! And that was probably my proudest moment style-wise in my entire life. Kathleen was one of those rare people with innately good taste. You didn’t have to explain almost anything about anything to her either and certainly not more than once. She was too rare actually.

I also think of last summer when I took this bottle with me to visit my husband’s grandfather who’s over 90 years young. Good memories.

But truly though, 1957 is the absolute perfect name for this musky, sexy and yet undeniably cheerful fragrance. It’s actually my very favorite from the Les Exclusifs de Chanel tied with La Pausa. I couldn’t wear it as a signature but my goodness if I was (naturally) blonder with blue eyes and a bit taller I almost think it’d be my ultimate favorite fragrance to wear…

Kathleen would have highly approved of 1957 as well, I think. I’m almost positive. If I ever even come close to the bottom of this bottle I’ll buy another. Automatically. Olivier Polge is a genius.

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