No. 22 eau de parfum by Chanel

I bought this a bit more full from eBay in 2018.

I’m not even going to bother trying Chanel No. 22 eau de parfum. It’s No. 22. I’m going to keep it but I really don’t feel like wearing that one right now. (Maybe if I could smell it on Truman Capote I’d change my mind. More on that in a second.)

…Actually I do wonder though if the folks who mostly started “loving” it in the last couple of years or so still “love” it as much. Considering that most people experience it as the tuberose fragrance I now smell (Chanel highlights and markets that fact or has)…I imagine it would take an unusual person to truly wear it well and enjoy it. Truly, maybe one or two of the folks who claimed it actually suit the mood of No. 22 but I question if it’s all that well coupled with all of the individuals who decided it was for them, especially as “the tuberose”.

It’s just so sweet. Such a bold white floral. And so…brash. I really do think of Blanche DuBois when I smell it. But, again, Blanche when she was young and sassy not in the state of dismay Williams introduces us to her in. Blanche at her best. So maybe not Blanche DuBois… Maybe more Truman Capote at his height of glamor. Truman Capote would have worn No. 22 extraordinarily well… Both as I first experienced it and then as the Chanel-tuberose-beauty I realized most smell. He was both (I’ve mentioned other people who I imagine would have suited it well in previous posts)… (I imagine as the Manhattan man about town he was he would have worn Bois Des Îles well too.) So, if you’re reading this and you’ve claimed it as your signature ask yourself how similar you are to Truman Capote (female and/or male). Or, that’s my opinion at least.

But if you’re not just desperately trying to be right or insulting or upsetting and superior but instead you’re being honest and trying to truly love yourself…I do hope you can find your actual signature fragrance. If it’s not No. 22. …Because some people really do struggle with that one. But it’s fun to have signature. Like a theme in decorating or a party. It’s actually a fairly complex concept I suppose but I think it boils down to expressing yourself sincerely in olfactory form… (Or themes in decorating or parties.)

…Actually, Truman Capote’s black and white party comes to mind in particular… Golly, wouldn’t the sensual yet charming and refined white florals in No. 22 have suited him especially well that night!? Some things just go together well. He was an unusual man and a rare artist. And he was fortunate enough to be able to “make something of himself”. Maybe you don’t have a published anything yet…maybe you’re not even an artist…but his sort of person… His sort. I think that’s the sort for No. 22.

(Below is a photo from Google Images of Mr. Capote.)

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