Chanel Coco Mlle. eau de parfum…My true Sunday fragrance… I might even post it to Instagram.

This perfume was purchased at Harrod’s in the early summer of 2012.

Growing-up my absolute favorite fragrances were Shalimar eau de cologne, Navy (a drugstore fragrance by Covergirl), and Burberry Brit. And in the summer for two years in elementary school I wore way too much Malibu Musk. I’d even, and especially wear it on bike rides. (*laugh*) I think I thought body spray was meant to be worn during sports and I biked a lot those summers… I recall my mother telling me that traditionally women wore eau de toilette in the evening and somehow, based on that line of thought, I reasoned that body spray must be meant for athletics. Body spray? Meant to be worn while you sweat? Anyway.

One night in college in Pennsylvania on my way to study I opened a page in my Vogue magazine while I walked (I had to take a peak on my way to study but I managed not to hit anyone) and smelled a sample of Miss Dior Chérie. I was smitten by the mix of popcorn, chocolate (this was supposed to be caramel but I got the notes confused temporarily with Angel for whatever reason as I wrote this and wrote chocolate instead), strawberries and patchouli. …And did I also smell cigar smoke?! (Not a literal note I don’t think…but it did literally remind me of cigar smoke.) …It was somehow naughty but still refined. Fun and intelligent. So, I bought a bottle and wore it often enough for a couple of years… Especially while I was first dating my husband. I once even smoked a Dominican cigar with him on a date while wearing it. Ha! (The only time I’ve ever smoked.) And then we watched…fireworks. (It was the Fourth of July.) Fitting, I suppose.

…Previously I had worn Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs and Sheer Veil by Vera Wang. *big eyes and sigh* Delicious.

When my husband and I traveled to Switzerland…I bought a bottle of Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Bouquet No. 2 and when I was at a pharmacy in England just outside of London I bought a bottle of Chanel Coco Mlle. eau de toilette. I didn’t know what I should wear for a fragrance (I hadn’t brought anything along) and the lady helping me decided Coco Mlle. was right for me. She had very good taste too, actually. And I instantly loved it. The kind lady was pleased and I started wearing Coco Mlle. on the vacation regularly.

…Then we had an unfortunate experience of oversleeping in our hotel room in the Cotswolds and we were yelled at and asked to leave. I think it may have been a combination of excellent beds and the delicious French food from the night before (It was a French hotel – they spoke to each other in French.) …I was very frazzled and I packed my Coco Mlle. in some odd place and so I couldn’t find it the next day.

Worried I’d lost it entirely I bought this bottle. The eau de parfum. (*heart eyes*) At Harrods. The eau de toilette is now long since been entirely used but this bottle remains… And I changed my mind and decided to actually wear and review this one “today”. (Sunday and tonight actually as the Orangers En Fleurs has worn away and I’m wearing Coco Mlle. as I write this.) …I just am not in the mood for another somewhat grand and opulent Houbigant “today” (literally read tomorrow as I put it in a quotation marks for a reason) or this evening. What can I say? I’m being honest, I guess. Literally. I just got tired of the Houbigant orange blossom.

*shrug* It’s not…rare. Ha! Coco Mlle. was so popular for a good number of years (for good reason) that I’d bet most people who can identify perfume at all would have to know it on anyone. Again, literally… But I still really like this perfume anyway. It’s been too long since I’ve been to the UK (we had plans to visit this spring that were cancelled due to Covid-19) and a part of me (literally an emotional part of course) feels sad nostalgia now when I smell Coco Mlle.. But…oh well. Truly. Hopefully soon we can return to England and my husband and I can pick out another bottle of perfume. Common or not. Grand or not. I just want to return… To England.

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