Guerlain (Vintage) Nahema Parfum

Nahema. I had seen this Guerlain classic for years on Instagram and read it described so beautifully. It sounded like a grand, enormously epic Guerlain rose.

I’ll keep this bottle. Just for the sake of having it in my collection. Nahema is very grand. But…she does not like my skin chemistry. At all. Never has.

While she seemingly sings arias like Maria Callas in her prime on others…on my skin she’s a grand but quarrelsome individual. Eventually, into the drydown she gives up and turns to cherry cough syrup with hints of purple tinged lily-of-the-valley. And lest you conclude that this dear little bottle has gone bad I’d like to assert that I highly doubt it has. The other bottles we bought from this estate were in excellent condition and as I smell this one I don’t get the sense that the notes are bruised or “off” so much as that the overall persona of this great Guerlain doesn’t like me.

Maybe some of my most convinced haters should consider Nahema as a signature. *laugh* Some people probably have been hateful due to a variety of misunderstandings or misinterpretations of at least my words over the years. And then some people were likely sincere haters… I’m being entirely serious and without any desire for retribution when I suggest they try Nahema (if they haven’t already). If there ever was a fragrance that genuinely hated me this was and is it. I love the rose in Nahema, and you’d think that’d be more than enough but it’s just too much of a battle to get along otherwise…

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