Stupid (aka the post where narcissistic people not associated with other narcissists feel triggered for various reasons)

Some of you all are mean girls aren’t you. And you read the following years ago: “Now, I’m not a particularly naïve person, but I can be when it comes to how other people view me. To me, perfume is a form of art. It’s also a cosmetic. And, I love to collect it. However to some it’s mostly a luxury, and there are people who might even call really nice perfume not much more than a status symbol. So, there are people who have a perception of me that has likely been affected by my perfume collection and my display of it but I didn’t really and truly realize that until about a year or two ago.” And you decided to form a conspiracy to attack me using my kindness and lack of awareness of your insecurity. (FYI Just because I’m not insecure and know who I am doesn’t mean I’m not aware of my flaws. Quite the opposite. There are healthy ways to deal with our flaws that don’t involve abusing or hurting ourselves or others.) You know I’m not full of shit. I’m just too kind. Indeed you all knew I was guilty of being too humble. Too good. And you all were too immature and pathetic and shallow to get over yourselves and try to just enjoy perfume without attacking me passively or openly. You got off on that didn’t you? How dare I stand up for myself. That was the point of my post years ago and you’re not dumb enough not to get that. Are you?

Yeah no, you’d rather be abusive losers (by choice) than just leave someone alone? Yeah… That’s it isn’t it. (But seriously, why choose that? Why?)

I suppose if you’re a delusional narcissist it is easier to get off on your “grand” dreams of looking cooler and more amazing to some other dipshit asshole than to truly move on. To gather respect by being humble and deep instead of ignorant and self-aggrandizing is too…uncool. Being kind is too hard too isn’t it? You’re too weak? But truly some of you are so damn narcissistic (and grossly stuck in high school) that you either pathologically delude yourselves into feeling superiority you don’t truly posses or (and this one is popular too) you feel incredibly justified in your resentment against the world through your false victimhood.

But I actually was the perfect victim I guess. I take people seriously and constantly try to hold myself accountable. People who take things seriously are vulnerable. And I do not think of myself as better than people unless they insist and demonstrate otherwise. Many of you have.


Did it work? No? Right.

I’ll be shutting down this blog eventually. I just figured out how evil and conceited and dim some people are today and it pissed me off. And I had to tell you. I figured it out. Yay!!

You don’t care about perfume. You don’t care about art. Beauty. Meaning. Love. Life itself. Fine. Probably rape people? Abuse animals or children? I hope not. But I mean who knows? I just see your gross narcissism against me. Over years. What else is there in that self-loathing dark heart of yours? I don’t abuse anyone. Sorry. Not my thing. Do you?

All of you dumbasses who hate me who can’t stop reading this blog are the folks I’m addressing by the way. Although perhaps some of you weren’t part of the “posse” and now feel what? Left out?

For those of you who are in the “posse”: I’m not sure what you all got out of it. Truly. But now I suppose I am aware of how ugly and disgusting inside you all really choose to be. So thanks for that eventual awakening. Ha! Thanks for shattering the illusion of your normalcy bit by bit. Good luck in Hell if you decide Satan is your bff ugly dumplings. *wink*

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