Just To Be Clear

As I sit here writing this, finally recovering from a strong reaction to my second Covid-19 shot, I want to make something clear: I will no longer be caring (regarding the continuing stupidity going on on Instagram). As of today I’m done. I’ve said that before (and deleted those blog posts to move on) but at this point I’ve analyzed and reanalyzed almost ever angle of people’s hate and rage and I’m done. I have a working understanding of what happened with this blog and my time on Instagram although it’s totally depressing because it means that 1. a lot of people are struggling more than they openly admit, which is troubling for many obvious reasons, 2. that the middle class is truly dissolving in the US (even in good times), 3. that many adults are a lot more immature than I’ve wanted to believe, (most depressingly) 4. a lot of folks lack real character, and 5. that there are also many rather unintelligent adults who look on the surface to be deep, understanding and “put together” but instead are shallow, fake and not really very bright. (Sorry) I do have an unusually high IQ, as do many people I’m close to, but I don’t like to think that I’m exceptional in that way. I also am pretty emotionally intelligent. Again, I don’t like to think I’m exceptional in that way. *smile* It’s awful to keep saying the same dang thing over and over and over and over and keep getting the sense that it’s not being truly understood except for by a few…maybe. It’s a very hopeless feeling, especially when you’re almost positive you were always “in the right” so to speak.

Here’s the thing: Don’t expect someone like me who comes from my background or better to just mindlessly and endlessly tolerate catty, pushy, narcissistic competition in an online enthusiast community. When you’re able to see certain things in life based on your blessings, nitpicking and tit for tat nonsense trumping a real appreciation for art is worthy of disdain. It’s akin to focusing on which seat you have in the audience instead of hearing the music if you could go back in time and hear Maria Callas in her prime perform live. If you focused on the seating instead of enjoying the music you’d miss…a brilliant moment of pure genius. Pretty simple.