SATC In Review

I never watched Sex and the City until I was in college. I knew about it but never watched it when it first debuted. Last night I finally watched Sex and the City 2. I think the most shocking part of the film was actually how weird it was to consider that it premiered in 2010 and that that’s now over ten years ago.

Also weird? Aside from her orientation and chest size (I’m a smaller straight woman) the only character I even vaguely found myself truly identifying with was Erin, the Goldenblatt’s Irish nanny. That being said, I enjoyed and maybe even loved the film. It’s so nostalgic and aside from the occasional crassness a lot of it felt authentic and true to life to me. That’s the thing, we don’t have to experience something personally in art to be able to understand it, at least understand it better, if the artist is talented enough. The opposite actually.

Well…actually, authenticity with the caveat of one scene and a few lines here and there. When they’re stuck in Dubai and the hotel requires them to pay $22,000.00 a night they should have been able to afford it easily. If they were as wealthy as they’re depicted as being $22,000.00 a night shouldn’t have been a challenge… In an emergency $22,000.00 is not a large amount of money for people spending what these characters are supposed to be spending on real estate in Manhattan, clothes, food and etc. regularly. Also annoying was the “mommy confessions scene” where Charlotte rants about her kids being such a challenge even though she seemingly has a live-in nanny. *eye-roll* I don’t believe that Charlotte is that massively incompetent as a parent or physically ill in such a way that with the help of a quality permanent nanny she’d be quite that overwhelmed. She had two kids. Two. Two kids. *eye-roll* No, that feels off to me…

Yes. I know this film has lots of critics who take issue with many other scenes but those were the only parts I found lacking in credibility. And, I’ve never fully embraced SATC’s ideological underpinnings anyway so *shrug* I didn’t find the rest of it any less or more offensive than usual. The scenes with Mr. Big and Carrie were some of the best, in my opinion. AND this brings me to the reason I finally rented it: The SATC revival.

…But truly, why is anyone all that surprised by the supposed Preston divorce in the new series? Is anyone? I mean…Big and Carrie clearly loved each other deeply. Very deeply in fact. But, there were huge flaws in their relationship. They seem like a couple who had a wonderful love between them but a love that just wasn’t enough long-term, perhaps.

Carrie and Big were/are certainly not soulmates (or twin flames, etc.). And…what was really keeping them together? Other than their mutual love (and that was obviously powerful enough to produce an eventual thoughtful marriage) not much. They didn’t have kids nor any meaningful mutual pursuits or interests. They didn’t have families keeping them in a relationship either. And they didn’t even seem like real friends. Lovers, yes. A couple, yes. But not friends… If anything they irritated each other in the way a roommate would. A roommate who steals your Mac & Cheese and/or fills the room with glittery objects and holiday lights while being loud when they either stay up too late or get up too early. It was an unfortunately doomed “Ever mine. Ever thine. Ever ours.” type of thing.

Anyway, even though it feels like yesterday it was ten years ago and when I first watched the tv series it was just shy of 20 years ago. Good grief.