Automatic Watches & Other Ramblings

So I wanted a Cartier Tank. A new one. Wind-up. But the watch I wanted is a Must de Cartier now basically and it’s quartz. I do not want a quartz watch from Cartier. I do not want a battery in a (supposedly) well-made watch. I try not to use batteries when I don’t need a battery.

I also don’t want to pay more than $5,000.00 for a watch. It’s not safe. Nowadays a glittery Rolex-type watch isn’t something I’d ever want to wear almost anywhere in public. Gosh, over $200 for a watch seems excessive to most people these days. You can play on people’s blind, idiotic hatred (I posted a pretty much on point, realistic photo of myself yesterday and I’ve decided to just let myself be flattered by the level of hatred for my fine, sensitive good-looks. Yes, I’m not being “humble” because there’s no point when you’re being chased online by narcissistic thugs who want to beat you up because they can’t get over themselves.) and let them believe it’s a cheap piece of crud if it’s not obviously (key word here) a glamorous “Rolex-type” of watch. *huge eye-roll* (But they might even think it’s fake if it’s a Rolex so there is that…) But, unless you want to (on demand) give an account of why you’re not responsible for someone’s problems, display evidence of who you do give to and/or then convince people that their own decisions have destroyed their chances of buying a Rolex, and/or find the scummy fake leaders who use these people for their own fool’s journey and help these people hold them accountable…well…it’s nice to be left alone. I want a genuinely nice but “relatively cheap” luxury watch. Nothing over $5,000.00. Unless I was a watch collector or watch lover I wouldn’t want to spend quite that much on a watch. Some people might find it worth-it but I don’t want that expensive of a watch… Just not for me.

You know…my maternal grandfather was an artistic man who took many foolish business journeys. Eventually my grandmother got tired of his “creativity”, divorced him and took her four children and raised them herself on an English teacher’s salary. With the help of her family… My great uncles and aunts helped my mother go to college (obviously debt free). My mother was responsible and paid them back but they freely helped her. Was her art degree useful? Mmm… Yes and no. But they wanted her to have a proper four year degree because they valued such things.

…My father has been helpful to me financially. But…people rarely helped anyone but their own kids in his generation and not everyone even did that or does that in every case. Things are complicated… Aren’t they? And it’s fascinating how some parents give millions over the years but refuse to pay for that one thing… On principle? Out of fear? Who knows… I don’t. My father and I have never really had that particular discussion. He’s refused to be helpful at times but not entirely on principle… My (paternal) grandmother used to call him a “worrywart” and financially perhaps that’s true… I don’t know. I don’t know…

What I do know: I don’t want a luxury quartz watch. I want a watch that will last hundreds of years if well cared for. I don’t trust that things won’t fall apart and a mechanical watch might be useful when you’re running from a forest fire waiting for your kind alien friend to pick you up in the ocean so you can sort out how to extinguish the fire effectively from outer space.