You know I got the idea today from someone on Instagram to discuss my grandparents… So…why not?

Well, let’s see… If I’m “illegitimate” (I doubt it but my family keeps secrets for good and bad reasons both) then my grandparents could be middle/upper middle class store owners from late 1800’s Iowa or my maternal grandfather could have been a very wealthy British shipping magnate in the UK. *shrug* Those honestly are the best suspects. *laugh*

If I’m just a lucky person in a way and survived almost dying at birth, which is more likely ironically or not, (hopefully someday I’ll know for absolute certain) then my maternal grandfather was…wild. He was brilliant but very troubled and while he did accomplish some notable things in his lifetime I don’t want to discuss he was mostly just a troubled artist from a cursed line in a once “respected” old southern family that dates back to the 1730’s. He dearly wanted to be rich and famous (probably to prove himself and his family) and managed to get close at times but never “made it”. My paternal grandfather was a well-off, shrewd farmer. He retired very comfortably for about 30 years with a wife who had serious medical problems. He was…modest. He was very smart. His uncle was the Norwegian-American author. His sister was involved in local politics and he was president of the school board… *shrug* He paid for four college educations, cars, etc. and etc. *shrug* I mean he was never knighted but he was certainly a genuine pillar of his community. My father could walk into any store and not have to pay upfront as they knew his father and his “word was as good as money” (they knew my grandfather would pay them back). They also knew my father and his siblings wouldn’t ask for something ridiculous so to speak… He was an extremely responsible man. I adored him. He came from a nice middle class family unless you count his uncle’s prestige and to some degree one can and should considering the nature of the family solidarity. (Sorry, I’m being honest.)

I mean…it’s like I described it. I haven’t had the happiest life in some ways (something else people don’t want to read) but in many ways I was very blessed to be raised or born or both by the families I was. Extremely blessed. Ridiculously fortunate. As painful as my life has actually been in some ways it could have been much more if I hadn’t had the cushion of people like my paternal grandfather or the stability combined with creative liberty of the other grandparents. Can I quote them? Not easily. Not like my great granduncle (Who really was a like, like a real like Norwegian-American author fir real yo sis. *eye-roll* at people who seriously expect me to tell them things like people’s names on this blog they probably would only use to harass me or my family? If you’re so superior and all-knowing research it and figure it out for yourself. It’s not that difficult.) My maternal grandfather was a composer (he also did some theater, taught theater in a high school for a while and has a daughter from his second marriage who is heavily involved in theater) and I never met him. The rest would quote people themselves but never had any easy catchphrases or etc. to quote. My paternal grandfather did have a habit of saying phrases like “anyway” in a particular manner that was endearing and comforting and frankly put everyone in line who was listening…but that’s not exactly quotable.

…No, not all farm families are the same. Some are actually old money. Seriously. One of my father’s longest and closest friends comes from a politically powerful old money farm family that has had that power for probably over a 100 years. Their name is known in Washington D. C. and has been… What else do haters need or want to know?

…You know, I think people just are angry. For real reasons. For good reasons. But I’m pretty sure it’s not my fault or my family’s fault. Sorry. Not every privileged person is a terrorist who needs to be taken down. Some of “us” are just as confused as you but for probably different reasons? Or not. Who knows right? No one talks to each other in person (often for real safety reasons) or trusts each other anymore. Or at least barely…

Fun times. *smile*