…A luxury bag isn’t magic. It can’t make you rich. It doesn’t even make you stylish necessarily… Having great style and wealth are their own separate things. Sometimes a luxury bag can be a symbol of style and wealth but if you don’t have those objectively apart from the bag the luxury bag won’t change anything.

Symbols of affluence are like that. They are supposed to indicate the presence of money. They don’t make money appear (despite what some have tried to argue otherwise). And…symbols can be used to lie.

Religion can also be used to lie and be false at its core (not always), but it’s not just a symbol. And, it actually can be transformative. Also, for those of us who believe due to personal faith, it’s very much an interaction with a deity. A separate living being in Heaven in Christianity. A being who not only can but is bound to transform us the more we give ourselves over.

I’m a Christian and I have been since I was a child. I’m also a kind person most of the time. But I’m not so foolish as to think God has perfected me yet. I would also never use my faith to lord some imagined superiority over people… And no, to clarify: the very real and often very harsh class systems of humanity (there’s been variations of social class over time and in every culture) are not something I invented nor are they something I’ve discussed to badger people. Instead I’ve tried to discuss things with some objectivity as it seemingly arose as a topic on my Instagram account years ago. People were gossiping behind my back and harassing me openly.

And then, “I have a perfect face.” declared one hater confidently on her own Instagram account (literally). She objectively was slightly ugly actually regardless, according to some other people who didn’t hate her but thought she was a bit deranged for claiming to be so “perfect”. And to be honest but mean, she did ever so vaguely resemble an overdressed scarecrow at times. I think she was also very delusional and thought she was genuinely well-bred and sophisticated (she also tended to project her lies and false identity issues onto others). But she was obviously from a poor immigrant family from the inner-city and while she may have been above-average in her intelligence she was more pretentious than sophisticated. She always claimed to be my equal (or better) in terms of social hierarchies but never was and it ate at her when I didn’t humor her enough for her ego. “I’m just glad my family raised me to have good manners and care about other people.” said another particularly smug hater, implying that my family was crass, evil and hateful (and therefore subtly less civilized?). And I’m sure the opposite is more likely when you feel the need to compensate for your social class with that sort of passive aggressive false-positive toxicity. “I’ll pray for you!” said another who was out of control, had been for a while and also had an undying, obsessive need to dominate me the minute I started following her. She later tried to incite others to dominate me so she could dominate by proxy. “I just hope people see your heart.” said someone who may or may not have hated me… ? Did she know I secretly saw through the rhinestone elite in the community and was just keeping my mouth shut or did she hate me for my bottle of vintage Salut de Schiaparelli and knew others did as well?

Anyway, don’t buy anything expensive just to seem rich to other people. Right? I mean that was part of what bothered me most about the perfume community years ago. Just enjoy things safely, healthily. *shrug* And as much as I now don’t tend to like the whole boxed wine aesthetic because more often than not people who drink boxed wine hate me and then claim that that’s my fault when I’m just minding my own business…drink your Franzia (responsibly) if it makes you happy. And if I chose to drink a $70 bottle of red wine for dinner don’t attack me just because I can and you think the universe should have given it to you?

…Also, if you’re closer to living in a state park than I realize please don’t think I don’t care about that hardship. I do. I just can’t snap my fingers and fix the entire world. I try to give and help when I can. But I won’t be some entitled prick’s doormat. And there are entitled pricks in every class…

…Also, if we didn’t date don’t act like we did. If I never found you attractive for one reason or another don’t be delusional and lie about it to yourself or others. If I did have a romantic relationship with you in the past (you would have to be a grown man over 30) please know it’s unlikely I have feelings for you now or assume that I’ve moved on.

To be angry and yet sin not is the goal. The goal is not to never be angry… I’m sorry that false gods and fake talismans make me angry? *eye-roll*

Happy Wednesday!! *wink*