I should just start calling this blog “Eerie Stuff”. *laugh* Oh well… Anyway, just for the sake of it I thought I should share another potentially supernatural moment I had at a museum. This one is far creepier…

I was visiting the Philadelphia Museum of Art with one of my best-friends from college in the summer when it happened. Simply told: I was wearing a very short sleeve or possibly sleeveless shirt and I walked past the exhibition of very old chain mail and swords (taking a moment to pay special attention to one or two) and then moments later I noticed a long very thin cut on my arm. Something very thin and super sharp had sliced a shallow long gash from my shoulder to my elbow.

Funnily enough some of that stuff is from the Medieval era and if my history of my mother’s family is correct they seemingly did fight in similar chain mail around that time (with William the Conqueror). Possibly. So…who knows right? Maybe it was humorous to someone watching from Purgatory and they just couldn’t resist making the joke. Regardless I didn’t feel it (whatever caused the cut) and I only noticed the wound once we’d passed the exhibit. It also didn’t leave a scar because it wasn’t that deep. It did bleed slightly though.

Paper cut from someone walking behind me or supernatural wound? Who knows. *laugh*