Pink Lipstick

I just bought Portrait Pink from Besame. I’m going to look into other options from Hermès…

You know I really am straight (and not queer either to clarify). I mean really. Case in point: I’ve had feelings for bi-sexual men before. The whole “I find men attractive too” thing doesn’t “phase me”. If they find me as attractive or more then great. A person is a person whether they’re female or male or non-binary. Having an ex boyfriend to consider as a potential threat should your boyfriend cheat on you isn’t theoretically all that different than a female ex girlfriend outside of the obvious power struggles/structures to take into consideration. It doesn’t make me less straight or cis or whatever it is people get paranoid about. Right?

Speaking of which…I highly suspect that some people aren’t as cis or straight as they pretend. Original. *eye-roll* I know… But really. And actually…today I’ve been analyzing it and I’ve realized that some “straight guys” who have found me attractive in the past (FYI not my ex husband for those who like to maliciously twist things *eye-roll*) have possibly secretly expected me to be “the guy” for them or been too…feminine in their expression of attraction to me. As in, they’ve flirted in feminine ways with me and then expected me to react well since they identify as straight guys and they assume if you don’t like what they do then you’re the one who’s not straight or cis.

…It’s actually very liberating to realize this today. Now to find another good pink lipstick. *smile*