I just ordered a ton of samples of gardenia perfumes. Well, other florals too. According to some people my signature perfume should be a gardenia. Not rose, tuberose, freesia, lily-of-the-valley, hyacinth, honeysuckle, iris, poppy, violet, magnolia, jasmine or peony but gardenia.

Chanel’s gardenia is gorgeous. I have to revisit it. The first time I smelled it in 2015 I felt I’d struck gold so to speak. But Marc Jacobs Marc Jacobs (my signature for a year or so in college) is testament to how gardenia varies and why I need to sample other fragrances before committing. I’m excited.

And on to much sadder thoughts…

One of my mother’s first cousins passed away from an over ten year long battle with cancer this morning. He was born in Seattle and became a very successful and shrewd businessman at one point owning a local bank. He was exceedingly friendly and cheerful and kind. He loved his family dearly. He was extremely smart. I’m sure he fought with amiable stoicism until the end.

Being from the same community he was good friends with my father’s younger brother. After I texted with my mom this morning I texted my father.

He was a good man.

It’s shocking to think I’m almost 40 and have started really losing my parent’s generation. I’m not ready yet but…time goes on. At least there’s comfort in God.