Try to Keep Up

You know sometimes I consider the criticisms my devoted, passionate “haters” are likely coming-up with reading this blog. Yes… I think of them sometimes too. Aww!!! You guys mean so dang much to me!! Your violence, your materialistic obsessions, your mind-games, your…mindlessly obsessive fervor to stalk me based on an argument you imagined between all of us years ago… And I say imagined because I still don’t know what really bothered all of you in the first place. Remember? I know what I was irritated by and I’ve written about it but I don’t actually read other people’s minds so… Oh well… *laugh* The thing is, I’m starting to get used being passive aggressively attacked online almost everywhere. You guys are consistent and persistent in your hate if nothing else. *hand-clap* Here’s to you guys. *hand-clap and standing ovation*

One criticism I imagine some having recently is that I’m “desperate.” *laughing* Oh dear God. No. No.

I could have slept with lots of people. I just didn’t want to. I still could… But I’m not into so-called “meaningless sex.” I don’t think such a thing truly exists, just mistakes that felt good while they happened if you didn’t get attached. But…what do I know?! Right!!?! *laughing* It’s just my words you’re reading. And I’m the narcissistic jerk right? My tastes, intelligence and other real gifts aren’t what drew you to me in the first place. Just…like…I’m a worm? You all obviously copy and feel threatened by human roaches like me?

Anyway… *teehee*

No, sweeties. I’m old fashioned. I want love.

*goodbye wave*