Breaking Point

Everyone has their own breaking point.

Things wear at all of us, and we try to be strong. But some of us break before we die. Even strong people can break if too much falls on their heads and cracks them open from the inside out. Even if you can “go with the flow” the current can kill you.

Maybe I was wrong in my last post. But not because of degrees of separation. If these ghostly men had lived longer and I had been at a family party and they’d been there and we’d talked for an hour or more and found each other alive if only for a brief second in the bigger picture of time…well…how wonderful. But it didn’t happen. Obviously? And I was wrong, because these men broke… And being as strong as they actually were and may still be even in death, they broke for real, good reasons. It wasn’t fate, but it was too much.

One trauma, two traumas, three traumas, four…combined with long-term, slow, gradual trauma. Wear and tear. Boom. Crack. Slice. Twist… Gone. Lost. …Not lost to God though.