I’d Wanna Be Me Too



Hi! *wave* Yes… Thankfully, most haters are getting too confused or freaked out or bored to (truly) keep reading. But for those of you who are probably bored or boring (bless your hearts): Hi!

I’m not normal. And at this point I’m cool with it. Right?

*big smile*

You know if an afterlife exists it exists outside of our dim understanding of time.

The other day as I was thinking about who could be haunting me I found myself “imagining” I was in the kitchen of the original Full House. I was baffled about why I went there in my head, but yesterday it intrigued me when I heard the sad news about Danny Tanner.

There’s a reason why people used to worship deities. We think of people in the past as silly, backward idiots (or that’s been the modern view) but…they brought us where we are. Our understanding is based on their logic. Our knowledge is based on their knowledge. Our science is based on their first inklings. And, they felt we needed supernatural help.

I worship God. Jesus is His son. I’m a Christian. Truly. I have, literally, almost my entire life.

If I can actually interact with ghosts I’m tempted to say I’m truly learning several things. 1. I’m delightfully stuck with one man now likely forever as his rib, so to speak, unconditionally… 2. it’s dangerous to underestimate the reality of things we don’t know yet with science… 3. we can indeed only humble ourselves before God like children… 4. I’ve been being watched by God and angels and saints my entire life. …For a start. …Read Peter Kreeft’s view of soulmates in Heaven.

Casablanca Lily is definitely my signature. What’s your signature? Really. You’re so much more fascinating being yourself than trying to copy anyone else for any reason. Please try to grasp that concept.