Some people have courage. Some people lose their minds. Some people eat up evil with a silver spoon and only God can save their souls if there’s anything left worth saving from eternal Hell.


You know in Japan people used to kill themselves out of a sense of honor. At least, that’s what I read once. I wonder how many men have killed themselves in war because the more they found out about themselves or the world around them the more they didn’t care if they died. Or they actually wondered if God would be so merciful… And then they did die.

I wonder how many men have let themselves rot from the inside out because they decided they already were worse than dead. Human toilets. Fallen. Much too fallen to be worth a damn. Much too tolerant of evil to have the right to breath.

I wonder…

I wonder how many men pretend. Lie. Cheat. Steal. Murder. And fool even those closest to them or buy and bully them into vain submission to a God who doesn’t exist. Do they exist?

I wonder…

I wonder how many men hate themselves for the wrong others have done. Loving a God who does exist… And does that God care? Yes. Why, yes…He does… *wink*