(At Least Semi) Unpopular Opinions

1. Betty White was really annoying. Not an idiot by a long shot. But very fake. I find it grating to watch her when she’s not playing the role of Sue Ann Nevins.

2. Lem Billings wasn’t gay. He may even have been a psychologically genuinely confused (by most any definition) heterosexual. Those people, believe it or not, did and do exist. …His words are often misconstrued and taken out of their real context to make Jack look possibly “not-quite-straight.” *eye-roll* And because they “look cute together.” And etc., etc.. Regardless, homosexuals need to stop using him as their adorable mascot like a desperate or misguided feminist from the 1980’s and 90’s used “career Barbie.” *laugh* …Really, Jack used him enough. He was possibly a person with (diagnosable) Dependent Personality Disorder or traits of that disorder? …If the LGBTQ+ want to claim him as the first gay first-spouse or “mistress” *eye-roll* because it makes them feel seen in light of history they should claim Jack as a member of the LGBTQ+ community or leave it alone at this point. Period. Just Jack. Or nobody from the Kennedy Administration. It’s obnoxious. …Because why not just Jack? He was a US President. …Why Lem and Jack with more emphasis on Lem than Jack? Jack is on record making queer comments to (self-proclaimed gay) Gore Vidal (who notoriously did not get along well with Lem Billings incidentally) about (also self proclaimed gay) Tennessee Williams… Isn’t that enough?

According to Outhistory.org (I take issue with veracity and intellectual honesty of the part of the article about Lem):

“As the then-Senator stepped up for his turn, Williams admired his body. “Get that ass!” he said to Vidal. According to author Christopher Bram (2012), Vidal told the playwright “he shouldn’t cruise our next president, then repeated the remark to Kennedy. ‘Now that’s very exciting!” said Kennedy.”

What was exciting? The thought of anal sex with Tennessee Williams?! …??? I mean…what genuinely heterosexual man makes a “clever comment” (in the presence of a brilliant playwright and his brother-in-law?) about anal sex? Anal…sex. A joke? …About receiving anal sex… ? What “straight man” makes “witty comments” about anal sex being “very exciting?” A closeted, uber wealthy, super-privileged, narcissistic, queer playboy with little or no open regard for fidelity or anyone’s feelings beyond how they make him look.

Why do we keep perpetuating the evil done to Lem and his mind and heart while he managed to live…one way or another? He was a victim. Not a cute anecdote. Not a gay mascot to imagine we can mind read like his “biographer” *eye-roll* does. (emphasis on the quotation marks)

People are painfully gullible. It’s embarrassing.

3. Tennessee Williams is utterly brilliant, yes. Yet he’s also deeply depressing… It’s almost as if he’s advocating suicide…or toying with the idea…in every work.

4. The past really was better.

5. We probably will find some way to manage climate change. We being the Millennials and anyone else old enough and alive when it gets gradually totally unbearable.

6. Gen Z has horrible tastes in clothing. But they have a lovely, lively aesthetic anyway…

7. Humor has gone downhill since “The Office” went off the air. Actually, television in general isn’t what it was ten years ago.

8. Truth is objective. There is no subjectivity in the fabric of reality other than in our misunderstandings.

9. God exists.

10. Being middle-class has become unbearable in the US.

11. Sex is never casual. Ever. It’s impossible.

12. We really do suffer for our sins…if we don’t repent… If not now…then someday.

13. Hell is real. Evil is real.

14. Goodness is more powerful. And God’s not a fool. Ever.

15. People often take the wrong things much too seriously.