More Unpopular Opinions Continued…

Why don’t we want Jack Kennedy to be queer? Does it mean he loved Jackie less? Is it homophobia? Does it make some straight men feel like fools for copying him or using him as inspiration?

Here’s what I think for whatever it’s worth: He was not heterosexual. He was bisexual. He slept around to feel good about himself and because he was incapable of taking intercourse seriously given his other psychological issues.

He loved Jackie. More than any other woman alive. He was in love with her, even.

Jackie…however…both was and wasn’t a good mate for him… Surprisingly or not though, I have a feeling that should Purgatory exist, they still are somewhat in love. And still working through their issues together.

I think Lem thought he was in love. But I also think he was possibly heterosexual and a victim of molestation by an older man… I think if that’s the case he confused physical arousal through force with attraction and thought he was gay. I also think he made no distinction between gay and bisexual and thought it was cruel or wrong to “put women in that position” of being with a man who had been with men. …But I worry he wasn’t even queer. At all. And I think that’s part of how he managed to be such a passive, fawning man with Jack. He had sex with Jack when they were teenagers and Jack being queer fell in love…as much as Jack could fall in love…and then he relied on and used Lem like a woman who psychologically strings along a man while playing victim. Because Jack kinda did love Lem and Lem at least unconsciously could sense that… And out of honor felt beholden.

And there was a lot of money shoved in Lem’s face (while he was struggling due to his family’s issues with loss) and expectations for Lem to meet from the Kennedy family. They tried to buy Lem for Jack to keep Jack happy and in line. Turn Lem into a “happy,” numbed slave. And Jack screwed with Lem’s head the whole time by pretending to be “sexually confused” even while he was romantically attached to keep power over Lem and string him along indefinitely. Through lots of brilliantly crafted, sophisticated emotional strings.

Did Jack know that Lem was a straight guy who had been taken advantage of and was misguided if that’s what Lem was? Sadly, I’d bet yes. And at first Jack may even have tried to persuade Lem not to “keep being that way” partially out of guilt and some concern for Lem. …But I think Jack’s lust for Lem and Lem’s intense vulnerability and ignorance and stupidity…and Lem’s desire for sex…in the only way Lem may have thought he could still have it (with another boy) was overpowering. And while they were friends I don’t think it was truly friendship to Jack. It was…ironically…more genuine friendship more to Lem. And Lem found a way to tell himself that his abuse had never happened…in reality. He found a man who would perversely keep him from facing what may have been something horrific. By making it…Kennedy. Beautiful. Irish. Rich. Objectively sexy. Glamorous. Even more powerful than the man who’d possibly abused him… If Lem could appreciate David by Michelangelo…he could possibly be truly gay after all. And how beautiful was Jack Kennedy objectively? Jack was like a grand statue!!

I think Lem killed himself. And I find it fascinating that it was around Jack’s birthday. Was he making a bitter, ironic statement? Jack’s birthday and his death? Or was he planning to go to Jack’s birthday in the afterlife? Plan it even! Suicide though… And it’s lied about publicly almost certainly. It looks too suspicious. Too vile. Too much like Jack ruined Lem’s life somehow and that Lem was psychologically not well… Or, Lem didn’t want anyone to know that he’d killed himself. To “protect Jack?” …But still…suicide. On a birthday. How…grim?

Lem was a heavy drinker from youth on. A drug addict eventually. He never had any other serious homosexual relationships that we know of. He supposedly dated other men. But…he…died a day before JFK’s birthday. He never seemingly had a long-term partner. Why? He was described at “neutral” by a objectively objective and reliable source. Red Fay. JFK’s long-term friend and the man often mistaken in photos as Lem Billings…

Lem’s family felt that he’d led a tragic life. That he’d been sucked into a Kennedy vortex and been taken away from them. That his “obsession” with Jack was possibly mentally-ill. And seemingly they cared about him. For real… Lem’s nephew was interviewed and is recorded as saying that he had “mixed feelings” about his uncle’s Kennedy associations. That there was some bad stuff going on in the Kennedy Administration and he isn’t proud that his uncle was a part of it. I doubt he meant his uncle’s orientation when he referred to anything negative in the administration.

Also, should any secret societies exist, Jack probably deserved to be killed. Should he have been killed? I find that highly improbable. But they must have been very angry at him for some reason… Because I think his was a planned assassination. But truly, it was wildly ill-advised. Defeating him (and his family) on Election Day for decades would have been possible and unspeakably wiser even if difficult, expensive and time consuming…

But who knows. Right? Maybe Lem was polyamorous or a saint with no feelings of his own…or Jack and him planned to cruelly torture Jackie. Because Jackie is on record as being hurt by Lem. Despite what obnoxious “gay historians” write there was certainly not a three-way “unconventional” marriage. *eye-roll* She was hurt! And Lem was used… Lem was…possibly deeply self-loathing. Jackie was self-loathing… She supposedly thought she was pretty until Jack cheated? I’ve read her real biography. Like…actually historically based real history. Not narcissistic, pushy, cheap, power-hungry, morally violent bullshit.

And no Mr. Peaches I’m not homophobic. Just mad that people lie for stupid reasons.