I’m sorry, but…why the Hell do people nowadays expect “niceness” in return when they’re idiotically narcissistic?

Someday when I die I’m going to run as quickly to England as I can…should no one be waiting for me who truly gives a damn about my actual essence… I plan to sit and stare at the beauty and just “decompress” for as long as possible…should that be the case. Hopefully find someone there who once loved me and actually knew me should that be the case.

Tik Tok. *laugh* That’s it. That’s the joke. Ha!

I saw some sniveling, bitchy, queer woman (seemingly female) who seemingly gets off on a moral high horse based on her “minority status” preaching wishful-thinking, delusional historical bullshit with a herd of gullible (tragically probably well-meaning) cheerleaders…on Tik Tok. *eye-roll* Yet she’s no morally better in reality than the stereotypically idiotic repressed and repressive “1950’s housewives” degraded by Western Society in the later half of the 20th Century into today. She’s a conformist, conniving faux-martyr. I’ve been bullied and abused for decades. I have no crowd of self-flagellating do-gooders backing me up. I have no movement. Most people like me don’t. And generally we don’t get angry about it. Because we’re not entitled, vain bitches. But if you “organize” and push your ass in people’s faces…you get results in a harsh, cruel world until people get sick of your useless, deceptive crap…should you be lying at all. Sorry…Barbie 2.0! You’re…sooo “the future.” Soo today! Soo meaningful and important! Wow!!!! *hand-clap* I’m in awe of your vagina-exploding-massive-glory-that-rivals-Zeus. Wow!!!! Damn bitch! You got it! *le sigh* Too bad I don’t like pussy. *deux le sighs* Because I’m clearly missing out on sooo much fun being a “breeder!” And I can’t decide if I should puke or cry in response to your extremely toxic, egotistical vagina being violently psychologically flung in my face like the “cool (kinda rapey) bitch” you think you are and aim to successfully be… (Note sarcasm about “missing out” other than my reference to puking)


Marilyn killed herself or was killed after Jack Kennedy’s birthday party. It’s…more than just weird timing. And she most likely wasn’t asexual like the Tik Tok “queer historians” want to claim her as being. Claim her…

Just like Lem Billings Marilyn was a victim of molestation and mental illness. Right?

Well…we don’t know about Lem. But we do read that Marilyn was molested. I’m fairly certain she confirmed that as fact herself. As well as serious mental health issues.

In my opinion, Marilyn Monroe was her own worst enemy. Because like other people dealing with her issues she let herself be used as a way of adjusting to her trauma. She wanted love, was possibly far too detached from herself and yet conversely painfully desperate to have her unmet needs met at the same time.

Proof is important in understanding history. It’s required to write history. Or…is supposed to be. *cough* …But historians use their intuition too, if they’re being honest. Not too much… Not so that they’re literally fabricating reality on a biased hunch. But you have to have some idea you’re curious about too… And painfully avoid confirmation bias, of course. …And there just isn’t enough proof that Marilyn was asexual or Lem was even gay. Really. Not really. There’s hearsay. There’s people’s perceptions of him (one sidedly shared and interpreted today). But there’s no real irrefutable evidence. Not if people are being honest.

Narcissistic people (especially when they’re busy) like easy victims…

Did Jack and Lem get sexually involved? Most likely yes. Did Marilyn and Jack get sexually involved? Most likely yes. *shrug* But there’s no evidence to prove either one…and that’s not by accident. It can be fairly easily inferred based on fact that a man like J.P. Kennedy wanted his kids worshiped in history books. For generations. And the man was most likely truly brilliant. He probably preplanned what we’d know even now…

But Lem might not have been gay. He didn’t like to talk about it. Never came out. His “friends” (whoever those unnamed people even are)…who let him slowly die an early death in psychological misery are our “sources” that he was homosexual. Not great, bitches. Sorry. *shrug* …And good Lord, help us. What about the supposed correspondence between Marilyn and Pat Kennedy Lawford? Is that made-up? Were they friends? ?? I’ve heard of supposed letters where Pat references Marilyn’s sexual/romantic relationship with her brothers. Do they exist? Why are we writing bullshit “history” about the pathetic, one-sided “gay” love affair between “straight Jack” and “silly, sexy Lem-boy” (who’s on record as being described as both neutral and asexual according to silenced and maligned more credible sources than unnamed “friends”) when these letters might exist and yet there’s not enough evidence to claim Marilyn directly killed herself because of those crazy-cool hotshot Kennedy guys? That’s potentially very evil, indeed… Whether Marilyn was sensual or not…she might have have had a real ongoing affair with both Jack and Bobby. And been killed because she was perceived as an annoying, disruptive nuisance by her Kennedy boyfriends…or…she hated herself profoundly.

No wonder Lem shut-up… Right? I mean…can we assume that?! Can we presume that?! What do you think? Would Lem approve? Ask Doris Kearns Goodwin? Right? She’s “cool people” approved. …And what really…is safe anyway? It’s just a subjective word…

If you’re in the LGBTQ+ “community” reading this…stop using people as mascots unless they literally directly approve and/or approved. Stop casually and carelessly mining history for hope. Does God approve of you or not? Truly. What does He really think? Does He love you? Would He theoretically have sent Jesus to die for you on the cross if you were the only Human to exist? If you’re living the answer is unequivocally yes. Go talk to Him if you want to. He’s not an idiot. …Really.

…If you’re a person who uses lies to avoid reality? Don’t speak. How about that? I’ve been told to shut-up far too often. Inappropriately so. So be careful what you spout off without really, really, really thinking… And even then…best listen. People can hear you, you silly little mind raper… Ha!!!

Awww! Poor Peaches!!!