Mean Girl

I’m not a bitch.

I’m not cruel.

I’m not narcissistic.

I may be mean. But it isn’t a meanness borne out of malice or toxicity. Possibly revenge. Possibly rage. Possibly other people’s cruelty, narcissism and vanity.

I’m not a passive sacrificial lamb. I’m not a doormat. Not by nature. I’m meek. I’m mild. I’m gentle. But I’m not…a willing victim.

Not all truly feminine women are silly little, mindless bitches…despite the American social norm.

That being said…I only realized I was mean this morning.


And frankly…while I don’t enjoy people being hurt…I’m not sure I give a damn otherwise. I’m not here to be popular. I think that’s often just shallow bullshit. I mostly always have.

*laughing at the genuinely silly bitches who care far too damn much for their own good* Shake that money-maker bitch! Make it rain! *woohoo*

You know…you don’t have to choose evil, Peaches. Or are you too stupid to realize that?