I just watched an episode of “Taxi” from October 15, 1981. I’ve never truly watched an entire episode of that show in my entire life and I’ve watched many old shows. Many times. Actually, if I have watched episodes of “Taxi” I don’t remember more than brief seconds of any of them.

I find my opinion to be almost the exact opposite of this sole opinion of the episode posted to IMDB:


My only agreement with this fan of the series? I too enjoyed Marilu Henner’s performance.

I’ve been more depressed than Judd Hirsch’s character is for most of my life. *laugh* And it’s not due to bipolar disorder. Possibly severe chronic, lifelong clinical depression *laugh* or possibly this person is…a bit sheltered, we’ll say. Also, have they spent much time in Europe?!

Thankfully I can say that in total I’ve probably spent about two and a half months of my life in Europe. Not enough. But at least that much…

No, I don’t believe in “Vienna.” But I do believe in God. And I certainly trust He could explain it to me kindly as a Father, should he truly exist. And I have faith for that…

You know, it’s funny. Marilyn Monroe worried in her last days that she would be and was perceived as “a joke.” What a horribly ironic concern. She’s one of the biggest celebrities to ever exist… No joke. Staggering accomplishment. And secondly, given what she accomplished one can only imagine what else she could have done with her brains and work ethic and talent and so in that regard of course being a self-loathing actress is toxic and clownish. Of course… She was mocking herself. But brilliantly so…

Tonight I’ll contemplate London and death and God and the beauty of being confused. And wrong. When God’s always right.