I just rewatched the classic American film, “From Here to Eternity.” The first time I watched it in my early 20’s I loathed it. But that was closer to a time in my life when I dearly loved “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Oh the irony.

Now…at 38…I love “From Here to Eternity.” It’s a brilliant film of great shadows and great light…

The final scene is the heartbeat of the entire film. Alma’s deception is a stroke of genius. She’s a liar and her final words throw into question every other thought she’s ever openly claimed as truth. Or does she lie strategically only? Other than war is she the real evil in the film? The only truly vile character? Can all of the film’s darker plot twists be tied back to her?

But the truth hidden in her lies is our reality to discern… Her lies are our lies to untangle. And they’re fascinating lies indeed.

Was he…at all her’s? Did he sacrifice himself at her alter? Secretly. And nobody could save him. Was he slightly evil, at least? Or did she bring out the worst in him? Was he a fool or did she make him into one? “Nobody ever lies about being lonely.” Warden wanted to make him fully accountable…but was that fair? Lorene is no one to play around with lonely or not… It’s folly to underestimate her.