Fools Before God

I just read a review about a book written by a woman named Amanda Trenfield who left her husband for a supposed “soulmate.” *laugh* Based on the excerpt I read from the book I highly doubt that man was at all her soulmate. …At all.


See that’s the thing. People are always belittling me and my notions or acting deeply condescending when they don’t understand what I’m saying and then they go off and do something like writing this semi-idiotic book. Haters: to me you almost always look like that author.

That “electric” connection dear Trenfield felt in her spirit was no big deal. Really. I’ve felt it dozens of times. That’s not the way a soulmate makes you feel. That’s just your spirit being attracted to someone else’s spirit. That’s all… It’s like a vague “physical” attraction except it’s in your spirit and not just the physical. It’s common as mud. Sorry, Amanda.

People who are “sensitive to the supernatural” can feel that with any willing partner they’re mutually attracted to if that person is “sensitive” too. Consciously or not. It’s really no “big deal” so to speak unless you consider God. Again, sorry…lady.

I put my all into everything I do in one way or another. I exhaust myself. And I’m secretly appalled when others don’t appreciate it, respect it or at least even see it. Or I’m utterly soul crushed. And it’s something I’m learning how to cope with.

I’m not sure that author is a sociopath. *laugh* But…her story is a common one regardless. Right?! *laugh and eye-roll* Someone feels their spirit moved for the first time in their life in one way or another and reads too much into it. And I think we’re set up for that kind of silly victimhood by a stupidly atheistic culture. Stupidly. Because I believe ruminating over reality and being honest is essential. But trying to ignore reality is idiotic. The universe is frighteningly not under our control and it’s foolish to pretend otherwise. *smile*

We rest dependent on God. Do we choose to acknowledge it when it’s almost obvious at certain moments in life? We should. Because evil is evil. We’re all fools before God unless we’re His children.

I’ll be scary again. …I think Pat and Joe had an “electric connection.” *laugh* Ironically also at dinner. And God knows Joe’s glances were likely…wildly overwhelming. He was a powerful man with piercing Gaelic blue eyes. And Pat was lost.

But I doubt they were “twin flames.“ I doubt they were “soulmates” even. And yet…unlike the author…their union as one seemingly didn’t end before death. He died in state of being “forever a changed man” and so so did she in a way. And now they’re possibly stuck. *laugh* And it’ll be difficult for them to untangle themselves and be with their actual soulmates or other halves. Not without dealing with their mutual lies. Or they’ll have to become each other’s essence with God’s help? Life and love are an inherently dangerous business.

So what’s better? Dipping your toes in at the beach and being shocked by the way the ocean feels and mourning the fact that you can’t swim well enough to go further out or being crushed to the bottom of a Blue Hole?

We’re all fools before God or we’re His children.