A Thought

Sorry if you’re a kind person and you read my rage and it affects you. It’s not directed at you. It’s directed at people who have tried to paralyze me my whole life. Force demonic nonsense down my throat, probably to control me. Not you, if you’re kind.

The thing is…I’m a Christian. I was “born-again” at age 2 1/2. (Possibly closer to 3) And I’ve been a Christian ever since. And yet I hear “disembodied voices” of dead people. And then later listen to their recorded voices and find out the voices were spot on. So…they’re either real…or the demons don’t go away no matter how many times I rebuke them in the name of Jesus. It’s…troubling. Because I believe in and worship the God of the Bible. Ultimately. And no one will ever change that. Ever. …And nothing but the supernatural explains how I keep hearing totally accurate voices of dead people before I can find their voice online. Think about it. Could my mind really be so beyond brilliantly accurate? It’s almost impossible. And if it is…what does that mean? …So…I’m either lying (and I know I’m not) or…?

I’ve heard Lem. I’ve heard Harold. I’ve heard Lem. I’ve heard Zelda. I’ve heard Elliott Roosevelt. I’ve heard a lot of people… But Lem and Elliott are the only two I’ve heard confirmed (mostly because the others aren’t recorded or I can’t bare to listen). Elliott’s voice was especially shocking…because he sounded basically identical. No changes in almost any way. Not deeper. If anything he sounded slightly “lighter” somehow? And of course Lem sounded “identical” too, but just…that effeminate falsetto was entirely gone. He sounded like he does the rest of the time but maybe just healthier… No lung problems? *laugh* A bit like a nasal, masculine yet raspy (not gay sounding though) version of Sidney Pollack. Yes. Sidney Pollack.

Before he died the man who could be my father prayed to be saved by God himself during a Billy Graham Crusade. People worship God sometimes…

And so who killed JFK?

I doubt Oswald acted alone. And even if he did who cares? He was probably hired by people who loathed Jack Kennedy.

Who loathed Jack? People who knew Lem was a brainwashed, self-flagellating idiot when it came to sex…if he was. People who thought Jack was gay. People who felt bad for Lem…should he have been straight…for good reason. People who thought Lem was being turned into a gay sex-slave/slave to a narcissistic, spoiled, careless asshole. People who first fell in love with the Kennedy family and Camelot and then felt taken advantage of. People who thought the whole family was rotten. People who thought they all lied. And lied. And lied. And then tried to lie again. People who thought their wealth was a farce. Who wondered if Jack was safe to let run the country. And back in the 1960’s…people took such things much more seriously. People with enormous power. People with more money and influence and more connections than the Kennedy family. People who were…furious for geopolitical reasons. Personal reasons. Very personal reasons.

Was it the mob? Was it American old money? Was it Europe? Was it South America? Was it both the Palestinians and the Jews? Possibly.

The thing is…people don’t like to find out how wrong or right they are about certain things. And falling in love with a happy, white, good-looking American family…only to find out that they semi-maliciously use and hurt innocent (enough) people over and over would have been too much for people to tolerate back then. They’d have been shot for it. Nowadays we hang you quietly after canceling you publicly? And…they were already still sore about Joe Sr. being so profoundly reckless at the start of WWII. …WWII… Think about it. It makes sense. It’s really not that mysterious. Or he acted alone. Right?

Don’t attack me. Okay? Peaches and buttercups. Unless you have God backing you. Because Satan lies too. *laugh* Right? …Sorry. *eye-roll*

Here’s the thing…Bobby wasn’t necessarily as bad. I don’t think, anyway. And really…they should have just ran him first. But…they couldn’t do that either, I suppose. As gifted and brilliant as they were they weren’t prepared for the roles they pushed for. They just weren’t. He was the only brother who could have truly handled being President possibly (in my opinion) but he had to coddle everyone else’s ego first and then he got massacred for it in front of his poor family because people hated his family at large so much…possibly. How fun! (Note sarcasm)

Poor Saoirse.

Poor Maeve. Poor Gideon. Poor Michael. Poor Mary. Poor David…

Poor Lem?