Who Is Rip?

I’ll keep rhyming.

Why do we hear about Lemmers and not Rip? Or…Red?

Have you seen all these men?


What if Jack was a bit of a predator and…Lem was “lighting-struck” partially out of relief? His glares weren’t jealousy but hidden, confused rage. A trapped man. He had a history with appeasing predators? Trauma response: fawning.

But who was Rip? Ralph “Rip” Horton? I’m guessing that both he and Red were bisexual. Or actually gay. Even though they likely married women? And I’m guessing they weren’t as sexy, tall, untouchable, confusing, mysterious and unattainable as Lem appeared to be. As posh?! Good old Billy? …They were…available? Willing to work it all out…for real. Talk. Be honest. But nice guys…well… You know how it goes…

Red did out Lem as not truly authentically gay though? In a way. He may have been confused and thought he was bisexual or he may have just been being charitable. Trying not to assume Lem was just horrifically lying and confused to an ugly degree… And yet Rip keeps getting his photo with Jack reposted everywhere as a capture of a love story riding on Lem’s lie and pain. Is there some cruel justice in that? Are those guys secretly laughing while working out their repressed rage and ego in Purgatory?


Why do people like to label things too quickly anyway? Once you can you must. But not until then. How am I wrong? Am I wrong at all?