More Than Anything

I hate getting things wrong. I don’t mind failing. But I hate getting the facts wrong.

That being said, in the process of sorting through what’s been going on supernaturally I’ve come to some challenging possibilities. About people’s orientations. About whether or not ghosts can fall in love with the living and vice versa. About how God sees all of it.

I am colorblind. Coffee black and egg white.

And so where does this all go? I don’t want to mislead people. If anyone takes what I write seriously at all. That being said, what if I’m not misleading people? What if I’m speaking truth? I don’t know which way it goes. I’m not God. I’m just a living human who may be able to talk with the actual dead…

A living human who talks with the dead? Yes. But not a medium. Not a witch. It’s not intentional. I worry everyday that I’m just losing my mind. But I’m seemingly not…

Still, I’m colorblind. Coffee black and egg white.

I need to finish my first novel. It’s fiction. Isn’t that wonderful?