Truth Isn’t Facism

Marina Rust is possibly a little bourgeois.

Yes. Bourgeois.

Sure, her family traces back to the Puritans. But the most upper-class portion of the family made their claim on the upper crust through a department store fortune in the 1800’s. Right? A department store… Kate Spade, if she could genuinely trace her family back to the Puritans or the original Dutch or etc., would have had just as much right in some ways to the “upper-crust glamour” Marina Rust enjoys by some seemingly accurate arguments.

In this country our aristocracy is organized by honor, former lineage (who were you where you came from) and “first come, first serve.” First come first serve? Yes. If you acquired wealth or at least were here first it “counts.” But with qualifications, of course. For example, if you’re Native American it doesn’t count and if you were poor without “merit” in the 1600’s or 1700’s that also doesn’t count as much as if you were “with merit,” so to speak.

Anna Delvy got away with what she did partially because Marina Rust is possibly a bit bourgeois, in my opinion. Did Anna know that about Marina or about people like Marina? Did it irritate her? Possibly.

…And yet time goes by and family’s change. Right? They change and stay the same both…

I’d love to write a post, at least, as silly as it is organizing the classes in the US. Done, of course, with the full acknowledgment that I might be wrong. Maybe I will someday.