Nonsense, Kate Bush

I think men and women can understand each other without swapping places. And if they don’t fully it’s because for the better they aren’t each other and they’re meant to figure each other out slowly.

But I hate not knowing.

Sometimes I have to try to believe that God has saved me. Really. Not partially. And, again, that when I try to ask for His help and forgiveness that He’s listening. That He forgives. Because I don’t know what He expects perfectly…as it feels like we’ve all been taught what’s acceptable in broken, almost useless and weak Christian Churches.

Because…I don’t like waiting to find out. I hate not knowing in the first place and having to wait… *agitated face* I would prefer to know the brutal truth.

But what if the brutal truth is that I have wait? …Because? Because God is good and perfect.

I’m being cryptic. *smile* But it’s just a personal public blog.

Happy end of the week almost…

Maybe more later, maybe not.