The Sound Of Music

I watched the “The Sound of Music” several times as a child. Each time I took something different from it. But…I vividly recall finding the way Baron Von Trapp acted…odd. His movements seemed so slow… I may have even asked my parents “Why is he acting like that?” And…I think somewhere in the back of my mind I kept thinking he was…drunk? High?

My parents claimed to see nothing out of the ordinary.

I just watched Tik Tok and…apparently Christopher Plumber was drunk during at least one scene. …I need to stop doubting myself about my observations. At least those sort of observations.

I notice things other people don’t about certain types of things. It’s why I was so good at reviewing perfume. It’s why I wanted to be a lawyer most of my childhood. Or a historian…

I need to pray. I need to pray because there may be a Purgatory… And there’s at least God. And…I knew. I knew he was drunk. When I was…six or seven?

More later…