I can’t stand JFK. He was an ugly human being inside, in my opinion. A soul-sucking joke of a man. He should never have been a US President. His short little joke of a presidency is everything that’s wrong with our country. It’s a three year farce. And that’s an egregious compliment. An accidental insult, actually.

If we were ever friends in a past life…and I doubt we were…he’d thank me for daring to almost hate “JFK.” If we were ever friends…he loathed himself as “Jack.” Rightfully, in a way. His life as “Jack” was a prison for him.

Poor Lem and his various “rescue efforts.” I hope Caroline and Jack’s dead (painfully vain?) son Jr. feel happy their father “survived.” His three dead kids? …Because…reincarnation…right? Or no? …Maybe they’re the only reason he had any right to breath past age 9. To not be killed by a serial killer like a Tik Tok special or be sex trafficked or stuck in a well and drowned? Aborted? Or no? To just…wither away slowly into God’s hands. And that’s no joke…

Maybe he just was profoundly evil… And Caroline will get another father if she wants in Heaven? And Jack will have to suck literal shit.

Or no? Because, I mean…what’s the difference? Right? Between men and women? Between wrong and right? Between Heaven and Hell? Up and down? What’s the difference? Between Jack and…me? Or Jack and you? Or Jack and Joe Biden? Everyone has everything they need already and it’s all meaningless anyway? Right? *eye-roll*

Hey! Maybe Jill Biden is Lem reincarnated and Joe Biden is JFK? A walk-on reincarnation? Maybe…maybe…Joe Biden’s first wife was Joe Jr. reincarnated?!?! *gasp* Or no? Are you sure? Why?

Happy Fourth of July, byotches. *wink* Shake that ass heroes of the “cool-kid-21st-Century.” Shake it! That’s what you do best now? Right?! Other than always being right, killing each other and torturing kids? (Oh! Try not to eat your own vomit, honey! It’s not a “free smoothie.”)

Sorry for the vulgarities online-elite-experts and normal people alike. It’s just an “American” thing. Right?