Burn The Witch

What if someone is…nearly destroyed and ghosts talk to them? Or what if someone started dabbling in witchcraft to deal with an enormous amount of pain? Not to gain power over other people for evil means but, ironically, to tame genuine darkness. Darkness not being Margaret Sanger’s version but a lack of God’s light. Not fake light either… Should we burn them at the stake or people who genuinely kneel before Jezebel and ask for favors?

Preemptively: Happy Fourth of July!

…That being said, Harold Loeb was American. So was Ernest Hemingway. So was F. Scott Fitzgerald. And so was Lem Billings… So was the original owner of the night club spot now called “Gay 90’s” in Minneapolis. He fought in WWI. And…if he ever had a daughter…and named her Lacey from the grave…he might not have been pure evil either.

Irony. The world is made-up of synchronicities. And they’re either controlled by God or evil. Both sides know they exist. Both sides partake. But one side can be crushed by them and the other side is protected by God if they submit to Him and join Jesus at the cross. Not to kill Jesus, of course, but to lay down their own evil…and humble themselves.

Not stupidly so. God doesn’t hate humanity. He hates evil. And the evil of His children is still abhorrent to Him. Intolerable. Because He wants us to be happy. Truly.

And…that means…if Lem was straight…he probs shouldn’t still be “best friends” with Jack. Even if he was bisexual or pansexual and doesn’t love Jack anymore in that way. And especially if he never wanted to in the first place… *cringe* …Right Peter? Or no? *laugh* #datinginPurgatory Difficult. Difficult times. But he’s handsome. And I’m sure he’s lovable. So at least he’s got that going for him. *smile* So are most dead people heading to Heaven though…so to speak. Not all my type. Yours either, Peter? …Hmm. Yeah. But everyone is genuinely beautiful in their own way. Truly.

Don’t assume, Peaches and Buttercups. …Because someday you’ll probably be just as beautiful as me…if not more so than me at the current damned moment…but you’ll still look entirely like yourself. ….As in, you’ll still be you. Just a totally sanctified, holy version. Can you imagine? Can you?