Mansions in North Dakota

You know…I’m learning that when things irritate me I have to take them more seriously.

The other day on Tik Tok I saw this mocking post about a huge house in North Dakota listed on Zillow supposedly “in the middle of nowhere” and it bothered me. “I mean, you can tell some ritualistic shit has gone down here at some point.” the women said. “I mean, can’t you just picture Teal Swan channeling in that hot tub?”


I have a dead aunt who built a house infinitely less grotesque. Just as palatial if not more so. On an estate. Where they planned to have horses… She built it and then she died. And my uncle gave it to his daughter who’s not channeling anyone in a hot tub.

If an Illuminati exists they’re divided. And I bet those who have social class capital would probably like to leave my family alone. If they exist at all. And those who are obsessed with us are that because we aren’t that…socio-economically backward. And it irritates them for egotistical reasons. …Should they exist at all. We don’t carpet our bathrooms just because it’s cool yo. *laugh*

…If an Illuminati exists most of my family likely doesn’t even realize it. Some might suspect it. But we’ve never been officially inculcated as far as I know. *laugh* If the Illuminati exists it’s comprised of high level telepathy practitioners and pawns. We’re neither. Who would you be?

Not everyone who’s “rich” (or even practices telepathy possibly) is evil hearted necessarily. Right? At least I hope not… Have faith in Gods but make no assumptions.

…The problem is that it’s easy to forget God when you’re too comfortable. But people with enormous responsibilities or enormous blessings sometimes feel…the death. Looming. It’s being too comfortable that’s the problem. Not safe. Not healthy. Not blessed. Not protected by God. But too sure one’s vanity is actually truth.

Be careful this holiday weekend.