“Kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten. That’s how I was raised.”

Bert Cooper

“The Arrangements”

Mad Men

Just to clarify…for posterity’s sake: Lem saying no…means…a great many things. But for Lacey it means something…baffling to Lacey.

It means that…when she first started being made consciously aware that ghosts were talking to her she developed fond romantic feelings for several of the male ghosts. And…some were more dominant in their presence than others. And Lem didn’t say much for years. It wasn’t until 2019 or so that he even made his presence consciously known at all, matter-of-fact.

Actually…we’ll say it was in a conversation between Jack and Lacey. …Jack was trying to console Lacey about Joe Jr.. Her conscious interactions with him had left her feeling at least slightly heartbroken.

“You probably would have had an affair too though.” Jack told her. Bluntly. Kindly.

“Hmm.” she sighed.

“Who do you think you would have chosen to turn to?” he asked her.

“Probably Lem.” Lacey considered.

Lem was gobsmacked. He smiled. Growing genuinely elated. Bobby was baffled. So was Jack.

“Lem?!” Jack asked as if he didn’t want to judge her tastes. Bobby tried to keep from laughing. As did other people.

“Okay!” Jack said. Then he grew serious and seemingly also concerned. Although in some sort of half shock he smiled mysteriously.

And slowly…over time…Lem worked his way into Lacey’s heart. She eventually realized he was taking things extremely seriously. And yet…he kept letting other male ghosts introduce themselves. Make passes at her. Give her compliments. Find things or fix things in her house. Be the one to her to go to the dentist when she needed a root canal.

And…while he pretended to be fine…he wasn’t. …And now he’s extraordinarily angry. And…now that another lost soul…*laugh* has entered the conversation that Lacey is consciously aware of…it’ll be intriguing to see what happens. Does he sort things out?

If he was actually straight as someone dead keeps insisting he was…adamantly…he has his Purgatory cut out for him. *laugh* Because Lacey doesn’t know why he loves her. If he does. And unlike a narcissist or a man…or both…she won’t assume. Anything. And…if her father was born in 1894…she could submit as easy as breathing air…to a dead man who died too young to boss anyone around for long. A man who- Well… Lacey just isn’t a man. And she tries to fervently seek God. Truly.

If Lem was straight he slowly recognized that as he neared his death. Felt he’d wasted his life. Hated himself. Hated what he’d contributed to the living…

Lem needs to say no. And no Duff. She hopefully doesn’t need to have her tubes tied like you suggested in December? Creepy stuff though. Huh? …Lacey is almost 40. Thank goodness.


Millennials like aging. *smile*