July 4th

Dearly Beloved…I’m realizing something more than I ever have. There’s no way to escape ourselves on our own…and that’s why we need God. And the problem is…even when you’re good or at least “just being yourself” you still can’t solve it all to be good enough for Heaven.

I’m a natural paradox. I’m both lighthearted and unusually intense. Innocently unaware and yet at times possibly too perceptive. And the problem is…I’ve found my end of the road.

… …

Since many of you probably think I’m schizophrenic…even though it’s undiagnosable (for a good reason)…I’ll tell you a bit more about Lacey. Why not? *smirk*

This weekend she found two things. She found a house she’s like to buy and she found out who her last soulmate seemingly is. *laugh* The novel Lacey wrote, amazingly, synchronizes perfectly. And that’s been happening the whole time. But don’t worry! It’s just schizophrenia that makes it look that way…right? Or no?

…And if Swedenborg and Peter Kreeft are right…this is the end of her piece of the universe. There may be no more soulmates for Lacey. And…this last one is a doozy.

… …

If Lacey has interacted with his ghost he’s…a lot like her. And he’s impossible to outsmart, so to speak. At least for her. He’s the end. He’s the one who would have let her fall apart because he would have been able to put the pieces of her soul back together again. And in their proper places.

…And while that’s lovely…it means that the dance is almost over. Le sacre du printemps. And since God exists…and has saved us if we’re willing to be His children…some man will have to be better off without her. For eternity. …And that’s where Peter Kreeft misses and Swedenborg wins, in my firm opinion. …Giving yourself to one person for eternity isn’t weak or selfish it’s miraculous, incredibly sacrificial and more than profoundly fulfilling. Some poets and writers in general know this and probably almost believe it as fact if not nearly fact.

And so Lem will finally have to say no. * Loudly. Clearly. And own himself. Zelig will have to be cured and not just become another Ziegler. And Zelda is Zelda. A for Adam to Z.

Poor Lacey.


One last time, happy Fourth of July.