It’s Just To Teach Him A Lesson

When Lacey first started talking to the ghost of the lost anthropologist…he slyly implied it was just to teach Lem a lesson. Just for the sake of arguing a broader point or two about relationships. Or…ironing out details. Nothing really…well…

Tonight I watched footage of the lost anthropologist for the first time. …And he seemed…gay. Or bisexual?

I’m genuinely good at recognizing people’s actual orientation. I listen to their lies and the lies people mindlessly repeat about them or actually believe…but a part of me always remembers what I really think based on observation before I hear the lies.

But…there was a novel written about him. And in the novel it seems he was depicted as queer. Maybe bisexual. Of course there’s going to be some who call him just gay though…

…He maybe was barely bisexual. Enough to find the Asmat men fascinating, but not enough to cease to find women attractive as well. Actually, in truth, he may have usually preferred women. But…yeah. *shrug* Truth is truth, Lem.

*Harold Loeb can’t stop laughing. And Lacey can almost physically smell his cigar smoke.*

But Lacey got a warning. Whilst she felt uneasy on the way to the hike…she smelled pot. And she heard the lost anthropologist tell her that he occasionally smoked pot while alive. He asked her if she would have smoked with him. She said no…and Lem piped in that he already knew drugs were bad. He got morbidly addicted, actually. He had already learned his lesson.

“No, see, I already know.” he said. Lacey respected that. Truly. But…honesty is so important. And drugs are always wrong in her opinion…but yet that doesn’t mean people aren’t incredibly flawed. And sometimes adults try to make their mind feel normal…desperately…

“It’s not that she wants us to be perfect. She wants to know she’s loved and would have been if we could have lived at the same time. More than anyone by us. For eternity, Lem. …Isn’t that funny?!” The last sentence was spoken in an intense “gay accent.” If you can call it that.

They’re like mirror images of each other. And no…they’re not “together.” One was possibly “secretly” gay and I picked up on it…almost from the start. …But turns out…he may have actually been bisexual. *shrug* The other is cast as officially, irretrievably gay. And…may have been straight? And in some mirrored way I figured that out too, if it’s true. …And the irony gloriously dances onward from there…

Lem didn’t know about him.

“So you’re bisexual?” Lacey asked Lem as he wrote himself into her novel.

He seemed offended by that question.

“No.” he smiled sadly.

“But…really? You’re not bisexual?”

“No!” he seemed increasingly hurt.

“You should tell her you’re straight.” a ghost implored him to tell Lacey.

“I was straight actually.” Lem said dryly.

Lacey was shocked. She empathized either way, but if this was real, she wanted accurate facts. Not lies. Not idiotic musings from demons.

“I was straight.” he said boldly. Then Lem cried to either a demon trying to fool him…or an angel…or another ghost. Possibly Red Fay. Or his brother? “She doesn’t believe me.” he said sobbing.

No. I do read people in that way oddly well. Better than most people…

And Louis was up to something all along. …He was bespectacled too. Or…could someone really prefer Lacey over anyone else? Not because she’s flawed, “I think he goes for Anne because she’s-she’s kind of shaped like a guy. You know? Like…she’s…not that curvy.” But because…

I’m not a prize. And I am curvy. Just petite. … But that’s… What difference does that make? No one tells me anything?