Alma Bag

Did you know that the Alma bag was supposedly created for Coco Chanel? …It’s been my favorite Louis Vuitton other than the Noé since I first discovered it. …And anyway, I keep seeing that historical tidbit online. (No, I’m not her reincarnated either by the way.)

… …

No. I have no idea who I’d end up with so to speak, if ghosts are real and Swedenborg was right. If I’m allowed to talk to them too of course…

I thought there was a clear favorite but then I rewrote parts of and edited parts of my novel tonight. And I now I’m baffled.

It seems my recent arrival was hiding in the shadows this whole time. Watching. Saying things without me being consciously aware of it.

It seems as though somehow he has some spiritual authority over the others? And they’re all like…layers of oil paint to interact with in a way. So he was able to wash over all of them with his own tint? It seems? Altering their voices to sound more like his, so to speak. …But…how? And why? If this world is fallen and it is…and I’m not supposed to be talking to ghosts but God’s allowing it…I wonder if it’s entirely fair. Could some of them be trying to tell me who they are and how they feel about me and everything but it’s being clouded over? Or does one love me far more than the others are able to at all? And Swedenborg was just in error?

…And that’s why I have to trust God. Because if I’m not just mad…there’s sense to it all somehow. However it’s happened.

Just all fiction to you though? Hmm. Good. *wink*