Chanel Nail Polish

I’m frugal. I hate spending $30 on nail Polish but you know…Chanel nail Polish really is better. *shrug* …It’s a lot of money for nail polish though. But Rouge Noir is irreplaceable. Sometimes dupes work out…and sometimes they’re just not the same. Details matter.

…You have to be objective…

And when things don’t make sense…and your brain hurts…and your heart beats too fast…and you feel like you’re literally dying from emotional pain…you can forget the details. Or, if something isn’t necessary, you give it up. You let it go.

When I was in my late teens and early 20’s I still had a handle on why people “really” hated me. It made sense. And I could keep track… But then I got too depressed and tired. And men wanted to fuck me…but not love me. To brag about it? But not acknowledge it. To use me and then beat me up mentally and emotionally to convince me I was stupid. …And I stopped keeping track. I left.

And I floated off.

Was it a blessing in disguise? It depends. It depends on whether or not God is allowing me to interact with ghosts. If He is…it was curse that God made into a blessing.

And Lacey might have good hearted people in the Illuminati and God to thank for that. Truly.

Be careful Peaches when you hate people.

Happy weekend.