Eyes Wide Shut Scene

I need to write tonight. Hopefully my book will be ready for publishing by next year.

Here’s a crazy theory as I’m watching a favorite film to clear my mind for writing: What if Domino in “Eyes Wide Shut” is discovered by the people from the party? They search Dr. Harford’s phone records and find her information? And she doesn’t really have HIV at all? …The first time I saw the film I actually had that thought until her roommate talks to Dr. Harford and she seems so unaware. But…rewatching it today it struck me that she might have either been a fake roommate or working for the people from the party. Could Domino be a replacement for the dead beauty queen?

Was Domino kidnapped? Or did they convince her to work for them? It’s interesting how Sidney Pollack’s character describes the former beauty queen as “just a hooker” afterwards. Is that out of emotional loyalty to Domino who has become his new mistress? And is that why the roommate treats Dr. Harford like a leper even though she knows he never slept with her supposed roommate? Is that why the man follows Dr. Harford after he tries to see Domino again?

Domino is pretty. And a redhead. She resembles the former beauty queen in a way. Is that Ziegler’s type?

Just a theory.