Losing Lacey

It’s Saturday. It’s my blog. Let’s talk about Lacey.

Lacey isn’t God.

She truly can’t tell who she belongs to. And Wallis Simpson thinks she should wear Schiaparelli and pearls today. *wink*

She might add a few sprays of Creed.

The thing is…Swedenborg might have been right. Remember? …Was he schizophrenic? It’s doubtful. And he wasn’t Asmat either…

…And…Louis is winning.

But what about Lem? Golly we love Lem.

And what about Harold Loeb? F. Scott Fitzgerald thinks Lacey should be with him… That’s how he would have ended her novel. And it’s true, Harold is very loving.

But Michael can make her cry.

Lem…therein lies the problem. Because you’ve made Lacey cry but you can’t make her cry. Make sense? *smile*

“Make her cry?!” Wallis says. “What’s that?!” *laugh* Well, Wallis…it’s when you fall apart because you can tell that someone finally hears you. It’s when you’ve been being strong for yourself and then someone asks if you need to sit down and you crumble from exhaustion. It’s that.

“Nope! You’re fearless like me! We’re still together, Lacey. End of story! End of story, Lacey! It’s all been a mistake. It’s a mistake! I’m sorry, everyone! My brother is with Lem. Yeah! *he nods his head to the newly departed* And I’m in charge! I win!” *Michael’s older brothers carry Joe off*

“I’m sure that’s not real.” says Wallis. “Don’t worry, Lacey.”

Happy weekend, readers!